BlogPost : The Winner Of The Debut Album By ..... The Hu - Gereg

We Are Giving Away An Album - Find Out Who Won

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Tue 01 Oct 2019

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Dex Vinyl

We Are Giving Away An Album - Find Out Who Won

The time has come to crown out competition winner!

To enter the Competition and be in with a chance of winning this copy of The Hu - Gereg on Double Disc Record, all you had to do, was answer this simple question .....


THE GREAT .................................................
Well the answer was The Great Chinggis Khaan

We had over 1,000 unique correctly formatted entries which blew me away! Thanks you all for supporting The Vinyl Vault in our first competition. The winner of the competition was dLive Viewer Annie B, from somewhere near Hull, UK.

That's it for this quick update, keep your eyes peeled there will be another competition soon!

As ever, I'll catch you on the flip side and keep putting that needle on the records, (carefully) and we'll see you on air!

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