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The 16 Channels

October All Over

Filthy Little Angels | Filthy Little Angels LLC

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Africa / Rosanna



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CEE22 Records

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False Lights From The Land EP

Richard Hawley


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Faster Than Dwight

Tripmaster Monkey

ché | Sire

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(I Go) My Own Way

Ian McNabb

This Way Up

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Jessie's Girl

Rick Springfield

RCA International | RCA

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Left Of Center

Suzanne Vega

A&M Records

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Lies, Lies, Lies


Wipe Out Music Ltd.

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Living In A Ghost Town

The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones Records | Polydor

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Love Don't Come Easy

The Alarm

I.R.S. Records

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Phased EP

All About Eve

MCA Records

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Radioactive / Demons / Thunder / Bad Liar

Imagine Dragons

Interscope Records | KIDinaKORNER

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